Hair Transplant in Mumbai

  • Are you suffering from severe hair loss?
  • Is baldness hampering your confidence and self-esteem?
  • Do you want to get back your natural and fuller hair as before?
  • Well, we have a solution to all your problems. Keep reading!

Welcome to Rejoice Hair Clinic

At Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic in Mumbai, we provide highly effective hair restoration treatments. It will give you beautifully natural-looking results. Our experienced surgeons are experts in performing minimally-invasive hair transplant treatments. It benefits both males and females suffering from pattern baldness or severe hair loss problems. The start-of-art infrastructure facilitates the best hair transplant in Mumbai.

Our founder, Dr. Shankar Sawant is one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Mumbai. He believes that every hair related problem also has a solution. He aims to relieve the stress of every patient whom he consults.

A brief about Dr. Shankar Sawant

Dr Shankar Sawant
  • A renowned Dermatologist in Dadar (Mumbai)
  • Has over 20 years of experience in the field of Dermatology.
  • He is one of the pioneers of Hair Transplant in India
  • He has performed over 2000 transplants
  • He attended a training under Dr. Jay Jung in Korea- a renowned dermatologist in South Korea.
  • He treats patients for psoriasis, alopecia, scalp psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.

Our hair transplant procedure involves removing small punch grafts of hair strip from the donor area. It is then cut into smaller pieces to use as grafts. These grafts are then nourished and implanted into the bald area.

Here, we will guide you in your journey of hair transplant in Mumbai by providing you detailed information from the initial to the final step of the hair restoration process.


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What are the various types of hair transplant procedures?

It was the first technique ever developed for hair restoration. In this method, the surgeon takes a strip of hair-bearing skin from the back of the scalp, also known as the donor area. Under the microscope, they separate the strip into tiny grafts of single follicular units. It is then placed in a solution for nourishment and then implanted in the scalp of the patient. This method causes stitches and scarring in the donor area. But it is recoverable by medication and trichophytic closure.

Benefits of FUT

  • The cost is lower compared to other hair transplant techniques.
  • It is suitable for patients who need a more significant number of grafts in a single session
  • There is no need to shave the head and the existing hair can cover up the linear scar.
  • The rate of grafts getting damaged is less.

Invented in 2008, it is one of the most prominent hair transplant methods. In this method, the surgeon shaves the head first to punch incision around hair follicles. Next, the extraction of the single follicles happens with a specially designed instrument. The follicles are then placed in a specific solution for nourishment and then implanted on the bald area.

After retrieving the individual follicles, it leaves hardly noticeable tiny dot scars. It is the most minimally-invasive technique which provides natural results, hence, the cost is comparatively high.

Benefits of FUE

  • No linear scars as compared to FUT
  • There are no stitches
  • Discomfort and pain is less as compared to FUT
  • Suitable for people who prefer to keep their hair long or short.

Over a-period-of-time, there are many modifications made in the implementation of the FUE hair transplant procedure. The discovery of Robotic and Semi-Robotic techniques of FUE reduced the error in the treatment process. The occurrence of damage while removing the grafts has drastically reduced. Because of which the outcome has become better.

Dr. Shankar Sawant, with his proven experience in performing more than 2000 hair transplant surgeries, has introduced an advanced version of FUE technique called ‘Dr. Shankar Sawant’s Modified FUE technique’.

All the extremely skilled doctors at our Rejoice Hair Transplant Clinic are proficient in implementing this highly recommended technique.

This technique has proved to be the most effective technique of hair transplant providing natural results.

Recovery time of the surgery – to get back to work!

  • Day 1 – After the surgery, you can leave the clinic immediately.
  • Day 2 – You need to visit the clinic for the dressing of the extracted and implanted area.
  • Day 3 – You need to stay at home and take rest.
  • Day 4 – You can get back to work
  • Day 8 – You need to visit the clinic for the final cleaning of the implanted region.

Yes, because of our advanced technique, after 8 days, no one can tell that you have done a hair transplant treatment. Hence, Dr. Shankar Sawant’s Modified FUE Technique is the best hair transplant in Mumbai.

We recommend this technique to most of our patients because of the many benefits that it provides:

  • Safety: Since we take a lot of care during the extraction and implantation of the grafts, there is no damage to the patient. We do not use any chemicals or external medicines in the affected area. Thus, the safety factor is much higher.
  • Enhanced Appearance: As we take the transplanted hair from the patient’s scalp there is no variation in colour or texture of hair. There is no scar left on the extracted and implanted area. The hair appears natural and gives a confident, attractive look after the transplantation.
  • Faster and Permanent Results: As we nourish the grafts before implanting, the patients start getting results at the end of 3rd month itself. Our patients are happy and satisfied as they can see the desired result within 6 to 7 months, of the surgery. Hence, It is a more reliable, permanent, and natural-looking solution to hair issues.

Side-effects of the Hair Transplant

Patients usually worry about the side-effects of the hair transplant treatment on the brain. They fear something negative might happen to their brain or memory. Well, there is nothing to worry about.

We use local anesthesia only about 3mm to 4mm on the head and not beyond that. Hence, there will not be any damage to the brain.

As it is a surgery, there will be minor pain on the day of surgery but we give medication to reduce the pain.

Some patients may experience swelling on the forehead. As the grafts require some nourishment to develop blood supply, it swells. It rarely happens to our patients and the swelling disappears on its own, and if not, we prescribe medication that will recover within 2 days.

Who can undergo a hair transplant?

  • Our expert surgeon conducting hair transplant in Mumbai will make sure you are a perfect candidate for hair transplant.
  • The patient must be in a good state of health except for Androgenic alopecia.
  • The hair loss should be in a specific area and not diffused all over the scalp.
  • Men with male pattern baldness.
  • Women with thinning hair.
  • People with hair loss due to scalp injury or burn.

We will be happy to meet you and discuss how we can help you to get rid of your hair problems. Give us a call or visit our clinic for a consultation today!